Delhi NCRs Leading Residential Project – Digital Marketing Success Story 2020

Client Overview:

Name: Leading Residential Project Developer in Delhi NCR

Industry: Residential Real Estate

Location: Gurugram, Sector 37

The Challenge:

  • The residential property is new in the market, facing competition from established projects.
  • Existing ads were not generating high-quality leads.
  • Past lead quality was below 5%, leading to inefficiency in lead acquisition.
Residential Project Lead generation
  • We implemented Google 1st campaigns to leverage the platform’s vast reach and target potential homebuyers actively searching for properties.
  • Utilized Facebook Retarget campaigns to re-engage with website visitors and reinforce brand presence.
  • Developed a high-quality landing page to enhance user experience and drive conversions.
  • Focused on targeting audiences with higher purchasing intent to attract serious potential customers.

This is how Asdxemedia created value

  • Revamped the website with an aesthetically pleasing design and compelling content to create a positive impression on visitors.
  • Created ad copies and visuals that emphasized the unique selling points of the residential property and appealed to the target audience’s desires.
  • They have leveraged data insights to identify the best-performing audience segments and optimized targeting to reach potential buyers more effectively.


  • Responses and Click-Through Rates (CTR) increased by an impressive 55%, indicating improved ad engagement and interest from the target audience.
  • Leads submissions surged by 30%, showcasing a significant boost in lead generation and potential customer interest.
  • Lead quality experienced a remarkable 30% improvement, with a notable decrease of 27% in junk leads, enhancing lead efficiency and reducing wasteful resources.


Leading Residential Project Developer in Delhi NCR’s partnership with our digital marketing agency in Delhi resulted in a remarkable transformation in lead generation for their residential real estate project. By implementing an integrated strategy, refining ad content, and optimizing audience targeting, the project witnessed a substantial increase in quality leads and greater user engagement. The successful campaign surpassed expectations and established a strong foothold for Leading Residential Project developers in Delhi NCR in the competitive Gurugram real estate market.