Leading Residential Project in Bangalore – Establishing a Global Presence in Real Estate

Client Overview:

Name: Leading Residential Project in Bangalore

Industry: Residential Real Estate

Location: Bangalore, NH-7

The Challenge:

  • The residential property is new with a high price tag, requiring targeted marketing to attract potential buyers.
  • The client aimed to showcase only branded ads with an international exposure to position the project as a premium offering.
  • Previous lead quality was below 10%, indicating the need for more qualified leads.
Residential Project Lead generation
  • Implemented Google 1st campaigns to capture the attention of homebuyers actively searching for premium properties in Bangalore.
  • Utilized Facebook Retarget campaigns to re-engage with website visitors and reinforce the project’s brand.
  • Leveraged native ads targeting with in-mailers on LinkedIn to reach a professional audience with high purchasing intent.
  • Focused on targeting C-suite leaders and above to attract serious, high-profile buyers.

This is how Asdxemedia created value

  • Developed a visually appealing website with crisp and high-quality content to reflect the premium nature of the residential project.
  • Created ad copies and visuals that highlighted the project’s unique features and international standard amenities.
  • Utilized data-driven audience targeting to reach potential buyers most likely to show interest in the high-end property.
  • Executed LinkedIn campaigns with a focus on major cities in India to expand the project’s market presence.


  • Responses and Click-Through Rates (CTR) increased by an impressive 55%, indicating heightened engagement and interest from the target audience.
  • Leads submissions surged by 30%, showcasing a substantial improvement in lead generation and higher interest in the property.
  • Lead quality experienced a remarkable 50% increase, with a significant reduction of 40% in junk leads, enhancing lead efficiency.
  • LinkedIn responses increased from day one, successfully attracting a professional audience with significant interest in the project.


Our strategic digital marketing approach allowed the Leading Residential Project in Bangalore to establish a global presence and position itself as a premium offering in the real estate market. By executing campaigns on multiple platforms and leveraging LinkedIn’s professional audience, the project achieved exceptional results in lead generation, quality, and brand exposure. The success of the campaign has positioned the project as a sought-after choice among high-profile buyers, setting new standards in the Bangalore real estate landscape.